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Borneo SuperBalls

These snakes were produced by pairing a Banana Fire Orange Dream 100% Het Pied Python Regius male to a 100% Het Blue Ghost Python Breitensteini female. 

In simple terms - a Ball Python crossbred to a Borneo Short-Tailed Python. The result is known as a "SuperBall" or "Super Ball Python" - a Hybrid of a ball python and a short-tailed python.

Examples of SuperBalls have been produced in the past, however they were produced by pairing a Ball Python to either a Python Brongersmai (Blood Python) or a Python Curtus (Sumatran Short-Tailed Python). While the Blood and Sumatran are very similar to the Borneo they are all completely different species altogether. We can find no other examples of Borneo SuperBalls being produced, its possible these are a world's first.

In terms of their genetics, there is nothing out there to compare them to so identifying if and which genes they carry is difficult. All we can say for their genetics is they are probable.

Lastly, there is only males available. We had 19 eggs and one was twins so 20 babies in total. Only 2 were female and 17 were male so only males are available.

These snakes will be ready to go between September 1st and 15th 2022, however we are accepting deposits on them now.

Unfortunately these snakes cannot be exported, Canadian Sales only.

Thanks for reading, check out these beautiful, rare and unique babies below!

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